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What does it say? Comment if you need a hint.

–Dan Kilian

Our Greatest Hits, Yolks Semi-Intact

He’s Herman Van Rompuy


6 Things (or more?)

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What are the 6 things different about the two pictures?

–Dan Kilian

Back to The Return To The Last Trip To The Well, Part Two

The Citadel: Undone


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Octopus Man: Strip 1 The Fantastic Three!

How To Make Justin Bieber Sound Incredible: Slow Him Down 800 Percent

K Riddle: You know my numbers, what’s my name?

Lookwell! Pretty funny Adam West TV show. Thanks Tom!

A Bottle of Wyrms

Custom Urinal This one gets a little blue, folks!

Bacon and Rocketry



The USBTypewriter

The Code Organ: Turn your website into pure music!

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K Riddle: You know my numbers, what’s my name?

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The two of us

Are half of a whole

With many fifths

Or so I’ve been told

With many ones

An eight and a nine

But by sixteen

Two ones were mine

Who am I?

–not Dan Kilian, it’s someone else!


Return of the K-Riddler

Who is JASON D? K-Riddle

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Editor’s note: Yes, we’re on a riddle kick!

JASON D says with a laugh,

“What you do in a year I can do in a half!

I’m named after numbers, I’m named after emperors

I start out quite hot and I end up much colder

I start out with explosions and end in champagne

Can you tell me why I have this name?”

A loony one is he

So who, or what, is JASON D?

–Dan Kilian

Buzz Aldrin’s Immortal Words

End of Conflict

Nother K-Riddle (Easy One For a Monday)

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Some seize me

Some rue me

Some sleep right through me

Sometimes dark

Sometimes lazy

Every dog has me

–Dan Kilian


Return of the K-Riddler

Return of the K-Riddler

Posted in Poetry, Trivia on March 29, 2010 by klogtheblog

If you spell my color

And switch the first letter

With the next one alphabetically down

This substitution

Makes a transformation

As my color then becomes my sound

What am I?

HINT1 When I say “the next one alphabetically down” by “down” I mean “closer to A as opposed to closer to Z.”

HINT2 The color is not universally accurate, but the classic depiction of this thing almost always show it as being this color.

HINT3 Yes, I am proposing that “color” sort of rhymes with “letter.” Hey, it’s a riddle, not a sonnet!

Comment of e-mail if you need to know the answer.

–Dan Kilian


July 4th, 1777