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Death’s Dog

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–Dan Kilian and the Million Man Band

Sugar and Berries

Usury of The Heart


The Sun

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–Dan Kilian and the Million Man Band featuring Ray Beyda

Defense of the Daleks

Shins You Asked


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frogscorpA frog met a scorpion by the side of a brook. The scorpion convinced the frog to help it cross the brook despite the frog’s hesitation at having anything to do with a scorpion.

“If I sting you, I’ll sink with you!” the scorpion said.

Of course, halfway across, the scorpion did sting the frog, saying, “You knew I was a scorpion when you picked me….Ugh! What’s happening to me?”

The scorpion convulsed with pain. Through his dying eyes, the frog smiled. “I am a deadly toxic Colombian Kokoe Poison Dart Frog. Prepare to die!”

“Oh, my Colombian friend, I have prepared to die for a long time.” Just then, the bloated corpses of a female frog and several dead tadpoles floated by. The frog’s expression turned from a pained smile to an agonized grimace. The scorpion laughed as he twitched. “Yes, I’ve been planning this revenge for years!”


“Your ancestor cruelly drowned my great-grandfather! Now your family dies, and your line dies with it!”

“Yes, but not alone,” croaked the frog.

Just then the air grew bright as giant mushroom clouds filled the sky.

“It was your great-grandfather who stung mine! While your family was plotting its crude revenge, mine was amassing a nuclear stockpile! Now the destruction of your kind is assured!”

“But at the cost of everything!” gasped the scorpion.

“What do I care? I’m dying.“

As the two of them died, a hot wind rushed over the land. Their bodies glowed with radioactive fire, and the water around them boiled.

–Dan Kilian

The First Incidence of That Thing Where You Say Everything The Other Person’s Saying and It’s Really Annoying

I Gave Up Borrowing for Lent -or- Fat Thursday


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–Dan Kilian and the Million Man Band

Featuring Ray Beyda

More New Cover Bands

Unplugged…and Seated


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The assembled crowd gasped at the color of the smoke.  Four times the black plume had indicated that the new Pope had not been chosen.  But this time they had expected a pure white cloud and a return to influence of the Eurocentric Roman party inside the Vatican.  Instead there was a brief cough of yellow, greasy spume from the chimney.  Droplets of residue spattered onto the flagstones of the square.

A crackle and whine sprang from the speaker in a nearby Carbiniero’s ear.  He tore off his headset and cursed.  Around the square police officers in uniform and plain clothes struggled with communications gear that had suddenly gone haywire.

From inside the chapel came a dull booming sound, and then the staccato popping of small arms being fired in controlled bursts.  The chapel door opened by a crack, and then just enough for a Swiss Guardsman to push his head into the outside air.  “Iscariot protocol!” he shouted, before a clawed hand wrapped around his head, talons gouging his eyes, and pulled him back inside.  The door slammed shut.

The 98 people who died in the stampede from the square were the first of millions.

Pope–Steve Kilian

Dear Enormous Sea Creature

Light Bulbs Going Off

It is Troll

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There is no leader here

The king does not exist

Animal intelligence

They have no politics

It is Troll



It is Troll

The thing must be destroyed

With sword and torch and axe

Beat it to the ground

And hack and slash and slash

Kill the Troll



Kill the Troll

Now is time to flee

Run and climb and swim

Soon it will regenerate

All its severed limbs

It is Troll



It is Troll





–Steve Kilian

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