New Cover Bands


Let’s Zeppelin

The Doorks



Expensive Prestidigitation

The Spinning Boulders


Metallic Daniel

Black Sabbatical

Ozzy and Harriet

Gary Busey Plays Buddy Holly

Nick Nolte Plays Buddy Holly

The Buddy Hollies

The Elvis Impersonators

Presley McMannis and the Unattractions


The Comebackaways

JJ and the Shades of Greyhearts

Spring Brucesteen

Not So Sly and A-Bunch-of-Friends Stone

James Beige

Rick James Brown and The Family Stone

Earth Wind Fire and Ken

Crosby Stills and Fire

The Clash of The Titans

The Ramones of The Day

Never Mind Sandra Bullock

The Bees Gees

The Carpenters and Tennille

The Captain and 10cc

The Foreigner Takes a Journey

Journey To The Center of Earth Wind and Fire

Pixies Cover Band

Private Friend

Nice-guys With Gratitude

New Kids Off The Old Block


More Than Words (A Tribute To The Third Incarnation of Van Halen Featuring That Guy From Extreme)

Lee Roth

Elton’s John

Elton John Lennon Sisters

Leonard Skinnard

–Dan Kilian

The Last Neanderthal

Two MSNBC Producers Lay It Out


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