The New Drinking Games

Want to get drunk? Here are some new amusing ways to finesse the process. Never mind that you should just socialize and have a few beverages over the course of an evening laughing and having conversations. You need to get drunk, and fast, and that’s the entire point. Well, here’s how!

Beer Tennis

Same rules as beer pong, except instead of cups on a table, and actual tennis court is used, with buckets of beer instead of plastic cups. Not extreme enough? How about garbage cans and a soccer ball you throw over the roof of your house and you drink the garbage cans, or how about giant reservoirs of beer and you fly planes into them and you drink the reservoir or how about entire galaxies of beer and you throw planets into them and you drink the galaxies? Or maybe some kind of Nerf ball based variation on Beer Pong.

Super Flip Cup

Hate waiting while your teammates are trying to flip over the cup? Now you can participate! Because Super Flip Cup includes handguns! See how the other player flips a cup with bullets flying by. It gets even wilder in the free for all round. Game concludes with a round of Russian Roulette…with beer!

The Beer Bong

This isn’t a giant funnel with a tube. This is an actual beer bong, and you smoke the beer. Still in development.

The Bob Newhart Game

If you mention Bob Newhart everyone else laughs and says “You’re old!” Soon they don’t want to hang with you, and you drink by yourself in a dive bar with all the other old guys.

Drunken Monopoly

Each player tried to monopolize the alcohol, hoarding booze bottles and refusing to pour for others. Soon a fistfight breaks out. Which could be a way to segue into…

Drunken Fight Club

Like Fight Club, only with more of a focus on drinking.

To Kill A Mockingbird

A number of mocking birds are released into the party. The participants hunt them down and kill them. Each dead bird gives you the power to force another player to chug. Or maybe there’s tequila involved.

Drinking In Silence

Participants sit in the gloom, glowering at each other, sipping their beers in angry silence. If anyone talks, everyone has to drink.

Beer Pinata

The best drinker is forced to drink an entire keg of beer. This hero is then hung, and poked with forks. As the body swings and twists on its rope, a fountain of beer sprays the participants who try to catch the tiny streams of alcohol in their mouths.

Burning Down The House

Watch the Ken Burns documentary series “Prohibition.” Every time he mentions David Byrne, drink. Every time he mentions alcohol, light your house on fire. This one’s good if you like a little pyromania with your partying.

The Intervention

Confronting an alcoholic with his or her destructive behavior is never fun. Until now! Each person who shares a story of personal destruction caused by the miserable soul’s addiction gets to force someone else in the circle to chug a beer. If you make the alcoholic cry everybody drinks!

Remember to drink to excess responsibly.

–Dan Kilian

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