Buncha Videos

So I’ve been making some videos, and I just finished one, and I thought, maybe Klog’s readers would like to see this! Then it occurred (which is a ridiculous looking word, all those Cs and Rs) to me that I have a lot of videos and now that I’m opening Pandora’s worms I might as well hit you in one big goob.

This is the one that I just finished. It’s for this project called The Screaming Majority I’ve been engaged in. It’s for Sam Seder’s Majority Report radio show, and every week we come up with a song full of lefty outrage on the current event.  This one’s about Grover Norquist. If you’ve ever wanted to see Americans for Tax Reform satirized with muppets, now’s your chance. It’s called “Flipping Grover The Big Bird.”

Here’s the latest one I’ve made for The Ks. It’s called My Name Is Love

Some more Ks videos AND Screaming Majority videos below. More than anyone could possibly want!

The Ks

The Great Depression

I’m All Over The Place (Official Video)

Good Man (Most of the Time)

A Couple Nights A Week (Official Video)


The Mosquito

Election Night

The Screaming Majority:

Pray For Us Perry

Rupert Murdoch On The Line

Da Dumb Money

El Senador Furioso


–Dan Kilian

Why I Listen to Monster Magnet



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