Lake It or Leave It

I lake what I see. Really, that’s going to be the concept here? Weak rhyme puns on lake? Lake out! Lake wow! You love The Ks? Lakewise. Lake no mistake about it. Lake me a pie.

What can you say about a lake anyway? A pond you can get the parameters, an ocean  you have to let go and accept the vastness. Never quite got what made an ocean an  ocean and a sea a sea. Bays I get, lagoons, yeah. Swim-holes. But the lake is like the   province of water. They should only have them in Canada, and that might actually be the case. But a Lakeside, THAT you can talk about. THAT you can dip your canoe in and go fishing. We’re the tourists from the city who holed up in the house with a bunch of beers and are making a racket you can hear two miles over. Raccoons and foxes are drawn to our cabin, and Ian thinks he saw a bear. The real danger is the locals. They’re loading up on shotguns shells, peering in at us  through the trees. Will this be a bucolic getaway, or a lynching? Listen to those crickets. How could anything bad happen down here by the lake? Wait a minute? Did you hear that? Was it a raccoon? Where’s Jeff? Oh no! I don’t lake it!

–Dan Kilian

This was the program for Thursday’s show at The Lakeside Lounge.

Slap My Name On This War by Barack Obama

No Other Place


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