Surviving The End of The World

I’m told that the actual end of the world occurs in October, that this is just The Rapture. Look around. Do you know anyone who’s likely to be called? This proves nothing. It’s like the debt ceiling. Big now that we’ve reached it, but we’ve still got to do a lot of shuffling around before everything falls apart. Still it’s a big deal. Some people have to get called up. I also think some kind of period of misery is supposed to begin now. Some people want to use The Bible as a calculator, as a constitution or as a science textbook. In Galileo’s time they used it as a telescope. I think it should be used as a bible. People, the world’s not going to end anytime soon. It’s going to stick around until we’ve got spaceships. Gene Roddenbury was given a vision just as surely as whoever wrote Revelations was given a vision. Earth’s got a long future ahead of it, so we’d better take better care of it. If it makes you feel any better, YOU’RE going to die, and likely soon. So you’ve got that. Meanwhile, might I mention the band? I think it’s pretty shit-kicking good, but very few people know us. If you halfway agree, how about spreading the word? Make yourself helpful while you’re still here on the planet. Or I guess you could do something for Haiti or Japan or something, if you want to get all real. Still, art is worth it, and these songs don’t write and arrange themselves. They might seem pretty simple, and quite frankly, they are pretty simple, and it took a lot of work  to get them that simple. Also, the bartender could use a nice tip. Buy some beer. Enjoy yourself. I don’t know why I’m getting all needy, it’s just the night before the end of the world and I’m trying to fill up some space. The End.

–Dan Kilian

Program from Saturday Night’s Show, when many had predicted The Rapture would occur.

Stephen Hawking Contemplates The Void

Felix From The Flame


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