It is a city where one can stand up and look back alone on all that they have not done or been a part of and the layers they’ve risen up through the darkness and how one must always strive for the light because that’s what we’re taught in that young class where we march in line to lunch without the choice of who to sit next to and then to be expected to get into a taxi and order your destination, as if I could and not even letting the man escorting you by yourself know what you’ve been doing all morning walking in those painful shoes that have been beaten by the streets and expecting him to drop you off without concern for your safety or a curiosity for your lifestyle or your aloneness or awareness and wondering if the meter should be left running while you stare back.

–Nancy Rankin

Editor’s Note: We welcome this, the KLOG debut for Nancy Rankin!

Micky Rourke as Godzilla

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