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Excerpt from Previously Unreleased Translation of Video Message from Trapped Chilean Miners

Posted in Comedy on August 27, 2010 by klogtheblog

Relatives of 33 miners trapped in a collapsed mine shaft far below in Chile’s Atacama Desert have been shown new video of the men in which they send greetings to the surface, show the space they are confined…

“…and here is where the sodomy will happen.  It really is inevitable,
as there are so many of us and we will be down here for months.  The
rapes will start out randomly – although I have my thoughts about who is likely to get it first – but will soon become an organized event.

Two men will hold down the “polla” while a third anally rapes him.  The
others will avert their gaze from this shameful but, unfortunately,
necessary act.  After everyone has taken a turn we will help up little
Oscar — because, yes, it will be tiny little Oscar — and wash him off.

Eventually he will come to cherish these acts of kindness, and his
gratitude for them will overcome his self-loathing for being so weak,
such a perennial victim.  Poor Oscar.

Over here is where we play dominoes….”


–Steve Kilian

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