Ice Age

Are we going to deny the crisis until it’s too late?

Didn’t our ancient ancestors at least try to stave off the endless winter with ritual? We KNOW what to do, but this time the religions we invent don’t want to help.

Are we secretly excited, like the drug addict watching his own life like a voyeur? Enjoying the drama as this fool wastes his time, wondering if he’ll ever turn it around?

Is it our secret revenge on the equatorial peoples, knowing that we must have been expelled from paradise long ago for us to live in these tundra? What did we do? What Cain-like crime drove us north?

Is it a self destructive strike against the future, are we so jealous of the life that will continue after we’re dead that we summon floods and sheets of ice to numb the pain?

Do we think science will solve the sins of our indulgence? Will we build giant umbra in space to block the sun? Blast dust into the sky from man made volcanoes? Will repercussion echo repercussion in a doomsday chamber?

I mean, really, what the fuck is wrong with us?

–Dan Kilian

Editor’s Note: This was the text to some Ks show. There was music too.

Sometimes Europe, Sometimes You’re Down



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