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The Screamin’ Demons

Posted in All things political, Comedy on August 10, 2010 by klogtheblog

Police have arrested a pastor in Georgia for protesting outside a high school against its demon mascot.

Funny that they didn’t publish the school principal’s statement:

“The staff and students of Warner Robins High School wish to extend our thoughts to Pastor Crosby, and further to reassure all the parishioners of Kingdom Builders [Church of Jesus Christ] that there are no plans to harness the sweet-flowing blood of seven virgins for use in a diabolical ritual to be performed at Friday’s Summer Nights dance, nor will the protocols of Ibn Al Rahzne’er be invoked at that event, harvesting the souls of all attendees not protected by the Sygil of Nalgeriad and/or a cold-forged iron circlet.

“Additionally we would like to invite all community members to our thirteenth annual Make Reading Come Alive! Book Fair on August 30th — eleven weeks past the solstice, as prophesied — the highlight of which will be a live recitation from the nocimonorceN by none other than That Which Resides Between, Lord of Passages, Master of Byways, Traveler Beyond:  Vaalgarth, Keeper of the Anti-text.  It should be a fun and educational event, particularly for those not driven mad.

“Go Demons!”

–Steve Kilian

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