M. O. TH.

Yield unto me

Foolish Christian priest

Your chalices of gold

I’ll drain them at our feast

Your lungs are splayed and purple

The surf collects its prize

From your cloven ribcage

While gulls consume your eyes

We sail onto your shores

Rape your village girls

Plunder, bloodlust, havoc

Our drunken captain hurls

Both epithets and vomit

At monks in robes of brown

They gaze up to their heaven

We bring our hammers down


Minions of Thor

Destroying foreign souls

Minions of Thor

Strong as mountain trolls

Minions of Thor

Sailing seas of steel

Minions of Thor

Hear the thundrous peal


<fourteen minute guitar solo>

<repeat chorus 3x>

–Steve Kilian

State of The National

Confession to Rassilon


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