Old Time Magic

President Obama sits behind his desk in the Oval Office.  The cameras and lights are on, broadcasting to the world.  In front of him is an oil-covered pelican, gawping weakly.  He wipes its head with a white cloth, singing softly, “Hey there, lonely girl. . . .” all the while staring into its eyes, as if the cameras aren’t even there.  In less than a minute the bird is clean – stark white in comparison to how it looked before — and President Obama finally looks up to address the nation.

“Don’t ever forget that I’m the Magic Man, America,” he says, “We’ll be talking again in the upcoming months.  See you around.”  At which point the bird tests its wings and hops onto his shoulder.  The camera zooms out and the office is full of white pelicans, wings outstretched.

Obama smiles.


–Steve Kilian

Ice Cream

A Good Put-Down


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