A Good Put-Down

If you get into a real hostile conversation (This one is a little too harsh for just joshing around with your buddies) you could try out this joke. It putatively depends on the other guy (and is is a guy, this isn’t a chick conversation. It’s for real macho jerks in a macho jerk off) giving you an “I give up” or a “what” but you can just cut him  off from whatever crap he’s trying to come up with by maliciously spitting out the punch line, unbidden.

You: Hey that reminds me of a joke. Why did the douche-bag have sex with the asshole?

Him: You’re a big…

You: Because go fuck yourself.

Use it wisely. You heard it here first, but only extremely tasteful people would be able to call you on it.

You’re welcome.

–Dan Kilian

The Friends of Greta

Hard Case


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