Shrines!  Get your shrines here!

We’ve got sports figure shrines, popular musician shrines, religious shrines – you name it, we’ve got it.

We’ve got Monkey-God shrines, bleeding statue shrines, holy springwater shrines – all fully guaranteed and with attractive maintenance contracts available.  No reasonable offer will be dismissed out of hand.

We have gnarled and ancient tree of indeterminate species shrines.  We have slabs of onyx featureless but for a narrow crack from which issues malodorous and vision-inducing vapor shrines.  Portable shrines!  Roadside shrines!  Good Shrines!  Evil Shrines!  Mummified and incorruptible body shrines!  Shrines to elder deities for ensconcing beneath the cathedrals of latter-day gods!

Custom shrines are available – speak to one of our licensed shrinaticians for a quote.

Many features available – blood gutters, incense braziers, manacles, flower-vases, and many more.

Quick turnaround and professional service!

Get your shrines here!

–Steve Kilian

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Song: Origin Myth


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