K-word: Donkdiculous

Donkdiculous: Being both ridiculous and redonkulous. The Republican party has gotten so bad it’s gone from redonkulous to donkdiculous.

Dick Donkulous: The personification of donkdiculosity. Michael Steel is so donkdiculous he’s Dick Donkulous. Of course, using two different forms of donkdiculous in a single sentence is donkdiculously donkdiculous.

Donkey Diculous: (Rarely used) The essence of donkdiculousness in donkey form.  I’m glad they passed health care, but to get to this point the Democrats were Donkey Diculous.

–Dan Kilian

Necessary Measures in Iran, an editorial by Michael Score

Workplace Meltdown #452 at the Mad Scientist’s Lab: Monday, June 15


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