“As such, we are now looking at a negative endgame scenario,” concluded the analyst.

The cabinet members looked down at the packages that accompanied their briefing materials.  Each contained a glass vial of clear liquid and an eight ounce bottle of spring water.  Hardly a last meal fitting for the leaders of the free world.

Or what was left of it.  The monitors showed images of burning cities, strands of DNA with anomalous sequences highlighted in red, a map of Washington DC with an ever-shrinking green zone.

The analyst said, “Our studies have shown that outcomes are optimal when the entire group ingests the dose simultaneously.”  Two or three of the men around the table tore into the cellophane.  Someone choked back a single anguished moan.

“Aw, hell,” said General McPatterson, “I always knew you were a bunch of pansies,” as he hauled out his .45 and blew his brains out.

–Steve Kilian

Adventures in Solitaire

Unpublished Interview of Dan Kilian by Todd E. Jones


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