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Some More K Words

Posted in All things political, Comedy, Critique on January 8, 2010 by klogtheblog

Cyniplicity: The tendency among adolescents and adults prone to conspiracy theories to reduce complex problems using dark scorn. When I suggested that there was a fix in on the battle of the super chefs on the Food Network allowing The White House chef’s team to win, my nephew quickly accepted the notion, though it’s really cyniplicistic. Unfortunately, I could come up with no examples regarding the current state of government: These guys really are corrupt hacks.

Innocynicism: The period of life or attitude wherein one frequently displays cyniplicity. Oh for the sweet sour innocynicism of my youth!

Scoundrelous: In a manner that shows one to be a scoundrel. Dick Cheney’s attack on the President could be seen as merely despicable or contemptible, but his distortions of the truth, which he must be aware of, transcends rotten-ness and bring him to a level of scoundrelousness.

Cinemaplicity: The tendency among Hollywood screenwriters to reduce complex emotions and situations using clichés, feel-good philosophy, or violence. Also the tendency among addled souls to treat real life situations as if the players were in a movie, resulting in trite mottos or thrown punches. When his advice to “follow your dreams” was met with scorn, my friend punched the guy he was giving advice to, swing from one extreme of cinemplicity to another. Not to be confused with Cyniplicity.

–Dan Kilian

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