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Heavy Metal Magazine Cover Discussion Panel

Posted in Art, Comedy on January 7, 2010 by klogtheblog

“I don’t think you’re getting it.”

“Getting what?”

“The vision of the thing.”

“Really.  And what’s that?”

“It’s about the duality of her experience.  Also, the android isn’t torturing her.  It’s interrogating her.”


“Yes.  And the tubes running back from the syringe and from under her loincloth – they’re linking the process back to the vast array of systems that make up a mechanized society.  It’s more than the android that’s doing the interrogating, is what I’m saying.”

“I see.”

“Furthermore, the manipulator claw should be almost part of the syringe – it’s an extension of the android, much as the android is an extension of the society that has imprisoned the young lady.”

“All right, I’m getting it.  Should the syringe have one needle or two?”

“Two, yes, I like that – you’re picking it up now.”

“And the look on her face, I’m guessing it should be more than horror.”

“Yes.  What else?”

“A mixture of horror and . . . anticipation?”

“Yes!  We’ve synchronized, I can see that.”

“OK, a few more strokes of the pen.  There.  There.  How about this?”


“Shall we pack another?”

“Yes indeed, I think that’s exactly what’s in order!”

–Steve Kilian, Dialogue

–Tim Fryatt, Art


The Blue Lion