He’s Herman Van Rompuy

He’s Herman Van Rompuy

Belgian Prime Minister

His name might sound jolly

Or it could seem sinister


But whatever effect

His name might inspire

This president elect

Has got hold of the fire


He’s carrying the torch

For a unified Europe

He’s hot like a scorch

And he’s sweet, like syrup


The kind that you pour

On a thick Belgian waffle

Some say the choice is poor

Some say that it’s awful


Some say he’s obscure

Like they haven’t heard of Belgium

I say Tony Blair

Is mere British bubblegum


Van Rompuy’s the man

For this difficult era

His unanimous election

Was not reached in error


He’ll do nothing to blemish

His ceremonial post

This Christian Democrat, Flemish

Will make of it the most


His voice shall be heard

He’ll be both strong and thorough

The currency of the world

Will soon be the Euro


So hail Van Rompuy!

Your rise I announce

A name as fun to say

As it’s hard to pronounce


Van Rompuy Van Rompuy

I’ll say it again

The leader for Europeae

And prince among men


–Dan Kilian

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