Let’s Get Sick

Yesterday I proposed that young healthy people boycott health care if there is no public plan to keep costs from spiraling out of control. The reasoning is sound: Seniors and Insurance companies can’t expect the young to pay into an unfeasible system if they’re not willing to make some sacrifices as well. The method is the problem. The government will no doubt take your money from your wages before you even see it, just as is done today through most business health care plans. Or they’ll take it out of our metro-card or something. They’re sneaky.So a boycott won’t work. Here is what I propose, should a health care package pass without a public plan, essentially kicking the can down the road until some co-op plan proves to be unequal competition for Insurance companies: Young healthy people should get sick.

For this health-care plan to pay off for those mandated to join, you’ve got to develop some pre-existing conditions. Start smoking. Eat lots of greasy food. Booze had a two-fold benefit: it’s unhealthy and it makes it easier to get into injurious fights.

Unprotected sex is another great way to get sick. I envision orgy conventions where people wear name badges that advertise their disease. Want herpes? Pile on over here. Crabs? Room 214. And of course there’s AIDS for the hardcore.

Get sick America. It’s the only way to make this Health Care system pay off!

–Dan Kilian

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3 Responses to “Let’s Get Sick”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Most people are ignorant of the total health care system. First people blame lawyers. This means that since lawyers sue doctors for problems like say, taking off the wrong leg, that's a bad thing and when as a result the hospital and the operating room now has to triple and quadruple check that the surgeon removes the bad kidney and not the good one, that must be a poor result as well. Tort reform brought MICRA the cap on malpractice recovery for physician screw ups. These are court cases decided by juries 12 people not the lawyer. caps are around 250k whether the surgery left you with permanent pain, a small problem or took off the wrong leg or killed you by taking out the wrong kidney. Therefore typically juries reward the proper amount to meet the damaged caused but now, only the worst of reamed patients, the most debilitated and the most damaged for which the insurance does not settle and why would they, lose your life? your family gets 250k even if the jury awards 2 million. Get a bad result that requires another surgery to fix and you are all better … jury awards 250k or less. dead 250k, hurt 250k worth insurance co. settles. the most injured are screwed by tort reform but you all want it because lawyers are bad? fine…your all a bunch of uninformed idiots anyway especially you old farts and i'll get to that. truth is lawyers lawsuits are a result of patien complaints and due to those cases won policies that keep people safe in hospitals are enacted to keep from being sued again…not to do the right thing…only to keep from being sued again. you hate lawyers until you need one idiot. Second, medicare for the so-called old farts runs great. It pays more than private insurance and authorizes more surgeries tests and quality care than private insurance companies…why do you think its not doing so well financially…its because it wants to save lives and keep the old farts alive….private insurance companies would rather the old farts just die so they keep all the health insurance premiums never used and replace them with a younger patient not likely to get sick with no pre existing illnesses… continued …

  2. Anonymous Says:

    There in business to make money not spend it idiots. Also, people with medicare and secondary insurance they pay for also have their heads in the sand. medicare pays for just about any care required, and then the private secondary health insurance pays nothing because their payout is always lower than medicare. Secondary insurance never pays a dime idiots…why? because their in business to make money not to spend it. Last, because of the high cost of health insurance most small business with exceptions get plans for their employees who give the employees a 2000.00 deductible and take out the 2k and put it in a health care account that goes away if you don't use it. 2000.00 usd? if you only make oh, say 15.00 an hour or less thats 24-28k a year which is an aditional tax on gross of 7-10 percent,and that is gone….goes back to the company if you do not use it…some health insurance…and on top of that the same insurance companies don't cover hardly anything because that would increase the cost of payments by the employer. great system…sure would hate to have another choice than that…these people cant afford that and cant afford decent private insurance and they are the ones paying for the old farts insurance too. really nice idiots. these are the old farts whose insurance companies used to cover everything for them while the hospitals were killing off their elders and the doctors were getting paid full boat not on the actual cost of services but full boat on super inflated doctor fees. doctors that are now old farts…just filthy rich old farts. the current old farts got everything they needed when they were young at reasonable prices and the old fart doctors abused the system financially and ended up rich at the expense of th entire population now, doctors, old farts, and young people alike. continued

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Its true thought that doctors feel entitled to make a ton of money considering they spent so much money on becoming doctors and put in so many hours. sure they all did it to "help people" the money doesnt matter too them at all…until someone tells them thy may only be able to have 5 offices in different cities instead of 10 offices and 50 staff instead of 100 staff…after all…money doesnt matter to them…they did it to help people not for the money…you go doctors! the reason government programs are financially always in the red is because they actually provide services at affordable prices to all. Private companies provide everything at a profit and either becomae rich at the expense of others or are run so poorly or are so corrupt they go out of business. So, finally to all those people who don't want government to run their lives, it's been doing that since this country was founded. I don't see any of you out there building roads and bridges or opening shelters or paying welfare for the poor. Your all a bunch of idiots…especially you old farts…the same generation that fished our oceans without limit, and always lived with a net, whose jobs were mostly secure and not to hard to find, who had pensions, security, respect in the workplace for a job well done, loans available for hard times, whose houses are all paid off because costs were so low and homes were affordable and the american dream. Old farts, repulicans, and like minded independants and democrats wise up…the government doesn't screw you, the insurance salesman and the realestate agent and your physician, and the neighbors you live next to do. sure when it comes to government programs trust but verify. they are usually in your best interest, and not in the best interest of the special interests. but verify that the program will do what it is intended wether it is affordable or not…you are going to die anyway…we all will…if you really want to know if a government program is good or not…find a rich guy who owns a company…ask them…if they say no…then you know to vote for it and stuff the ballot box.

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