Intro from last night’s show: Asphalt Planet

I knew we were in trouble when the road-making machines started to self-replicate. It only took three years before the whole planet was a blank ball of black asphalt hanging in space, featureless but for gravel shoulders at the poles and a double yellow line around the equator.

We lived off of the legless birds that fed on the bats that fed on the insects that fed on the algae and yeast suspended in the atmosphere. We drank dew from our cart-sails in the morning and ran from the pothole fillers in the afternoon. 


It couldn’t last. We needed to pull over, crack the crust and get to the buried topsoil. We needed to drill down and get some water so we could raise up a proper median. 


We needed to get back to the return to the last trip to the well, part two 

. . . ladies and gentlemen,

the Ks.

–Steve Kilian

Intro From Last Night’s Show: Tools

Jesus in Hell


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