Milky Sputum: Dan and Pat do Siren Fest

As we got ready we watched Alien on TV.

“Dan we’ve got to go.”“Just until the robot guy loses his head.” 

Ian Holmes twitched and spat milky sputum. There was an alien loose on the ship, and there was no way to stop it. They interrogated his head, and we went to the Siren Fest.

The Future of the Left had clear sound, every drumbeat, every word audible, loud as hell. All bouncing angles and silly words “Sausage on a stick!” shrill and hard. I like it, but I totally understand those who are annoyed by it. Manchasm rocked. “Colin is a pussy, a very pretty pussy Colin is a pussy, a very pretty pussy cat”

We didn’t know where the main stage was. We though this big beer cage was the mainstage. I stopped to ask, almost lost Pat. We got together, started the march to the mainstage. Big line for the VIPs. If there’s so many of them, they can’t be all that I, can they? Take that fuckers!

Ran into old Ks singer Maggie Grise. She and some guy were looking to see Built To Spill, but we weren’t. You can hear her on the album The Ks Can’t Get It Together.

Grand Duchy had more instruments, and less stellar sound. Frank Black got a decent acoustic guitar tone out of an electric guitar. Violet Clark, his wife, does a good Kim Deal imitation, and was no doubt a good front-woman for whatever band she used to be in but she strains in the bigger leagues.

Pat walked a couple blocks for food, and I got into a line for some free drink product. We were split up and we had no contingency plan. I panicked, but got my free drink. Selzter and milk and berry flavorings. Much better than I’d anticipated.

Still no Pat. I got reeled by a food booth run by con men. Fried shrimp and a cup of grape bug-juice for nine bucks. Pat turned up, having spent two dollars on a bag of chips and a can of grape juice. We both got two new free milk and seltzer drinks.

Pat spat his drink out, and started twitching. Then his head fell off his neck, dangling by a cable. Milky sputum spouted from the machinery in his neck hole.–Dan Kilian
–Pat McNulty

Flames Vs. Lips

Fleetwood vs. Mac


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