Back From The Past

Someone used the time machine and now the present’s all screwed up.

They came through the airlock, nano-fumes dispersing, with a mounted T-Rex head in tow. They looked around, and the world was a nightmare. Pollution, war, corrupt religion, and the advance of science had slowed to a crawl. They could smell the dystopia.

“Let’s stick close to the T.M.” warned Dr. Meritus, “It’s probably the only one in existence.”

The natives gathered round, drawn by their shiny clothes, strange ways and, of course, their large machine which had materialized out of thin air. Or thick air.

“Who are y’all?” one called, a question echoed repeatedly, the “y’alls hanging in the air like seagulls cries. The crowd drew in tighter.

“There are so many of them!” said Amanda.

“No population control in this universe. They’re like bacteria in an agar dish, mindlessly eating their way to oblivion,” mused Dr. Morbidia.

Just then the Sharkmen from Universe 13 appeared, brandishing their lazerpoons. “This Universe is ours!” their translators bleated. “You are all chum!”

Blam! Wally’s hand cannon took one Shark-man’s shark head clean off. Melee ensued. Hand cannons blazed and lazerpoons crackled, and the people in the crowd trampled the fallen as they fled.

The Ks appeared, rocking their instruments hard, from a gig in the future. They were killed almost instantly.

Blam! Blam! Blam! Three more Sharkmen dead!

CRRrrRRAAACK! Amos was shrouded in the eerie green light and disintegrated.

Dr. Morbidia threw a smoke bomb to hide them so that they might regroup. It lay at his feet, only a small fume of smoke spewing from it.

“The smoke bombs in this universe are mere children’s novelties! Let’s get out of here!”

But it was too late. They were outnumbered and overwhelmed. One by one they were subjected to the disintegrating power of the lazerpoons. The Sharkmen had finally won. All of Earth, and indeed all planets in this present universe were enslaved to their evil whims.

Perhaps it is for the best. Mankind was a poor steward of this world. I certainly think so. For I am a Sharkman! All bow down before me! You are CHUM!— Dan Kilian
Top Trek


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