Taluto Save Us!

If you’ve been following the impasse in Albany you’re either to be commended for your interest in local government or condemned for your perverse interest in train wrecks. Our state government is mired in a stalemate, with two evenly numbered body’s both claiming legitimacy as no laws are passed, upending efforts to patch budget holes, throwing our educational system into turmoil, and costing New York City $60 million a month, according to Michael Bloomberg.

The other day the Democrats declared a quorum (They needed 32 senators present and only had 31) and started passing bogus bills when a Republican had to cut through their chamber because the exterior parlor had been blocked by Democrats for a press conference they never held.

This isn’t government; this is crisis. I love democracy, but the time has come for extreme measures. The only solution I can think of is for the National Guard to move in and declare a military coup.

New York National Guard Adjutant General Joseph J. Taluto, I publicly call on you to bring in a junta to haul these Senators off for unconstitutional imprisonment and torture. If it works for Honduras, it can work here. Eventually, we can call some elections and you can step down from power. Right now, the State of New York needs a military strongman. The time for dictatorship is now.

If you’re not willing to do this, General, perhaps a council of religious clerics could call the shots. Anything is better than this.

Lead us Taluto! Suppress us! We submit to you!

–Dan Kilian
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