Song: Origin Myth

Split the carcass
Stinking grove
Organ treasure
Spill the trove

Madmen feast
Altar: flesh
Worship bones

Flood recedes
In shallows bask
Release the Ancient
Sealed in cask

And so She writhed forth, the scales of Her underbelly distended with great sacs of roe. The supplicants raised up their pails of collected seed, that they might mate with a god. Instead She seized the archpriest in Her foreclaws and brought him up to her feeding parts. The priest shrieked in ecstasy as his manhood was torn asunder, the fresh milk flowing down Her body, fertilizing the third race, those who would storm the drained lands.

[four minute guitar solo]

Bodies sink
Ocean rift
Tortured whale
Final gift

Still she feeds
Beneath the ice
We give ourselves
In sacrifice

–Steve Kilian
Feng Shui

Listening to Sunn O)))


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