Soup of the Day: Manny’s

I spent last weekend at my favorite musical instrument store on earth saying goodbye… first stepped into the joint back in ’79… met Max Roach there… I could go on and on….
Asked the dude if I could buy the Dylan photo on the wall. It’s precious. The photo of him leaning forward on a chair, chin resting on hand, one eye closed. His note to Manny: “To Manny. Keep one eye closed at all cost. Love, Bob Dylan.” The double entendre is huge… coming from a guy who never returned records borrowed from friends… and possibly guitars borrowed from Manny. No sale. The photos are going into storage, whatever the hell that means.
Story time:
Manny’s Music Wall of Fame
Start with the 2 Henry Goldrich interviews. The first on page 1, the 2nd on page 2. Then work your way through a bunch of the other stuff. The Paul Simon interview is pretty good.
No more tears left to cry. Everything you knew and loved is gone. So you settle in behind the pagan skins and keep the flame burning, as best you can. Create new stories.
Ne Obliviscaris,
–Dave Campbell

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