When The Xylem Flows Beware!

The Elite Zebra Squad for Anomaly Control went from helicopter to within the interior of the secret compound in under four seconds, but they were too late: The Eel and Xylem Man had each broken free of their housing units. Tentaclor was trying to quiet their minds with suggestive psionic pulses, but their rage was overwhelming. Doctors, nurses and technicians fled as the EZSAC went in.

A wooden paw of a fist struck a hide of impenetrable scales. Eel was flung across the room into several soldiers. A bright arc of electricity killed the soldiers instantly.

“He’s at full charge!” Sergeant Ramos shouted, and the dampener mops were presented.

Meanwhile Xylem man had found a water source, and, concentrating its flow through the channel of his body, managed to blast a hole in a wall, setting himself free.

“Subject X is getting away!”

“Stop him!”

But he was gone.

The Eel flopped it’s massive torso, knocking three-hundred-pound men aside like poker chips. Still the EZSAC specialists drained his power with the dampener mops. He was subdued. One of the soldiers started in on his head with a club.

“Stop that!” Sergeant Ramos pushed the man aside, and came in close and leaned into The Eel’s face. “Xylem I understand. But why did you do this?”

The Eel squinted at Ramos, as best as a mutant half-man can squint with saucer sized fish eyes. Scorn hissed through multiple rows of dagger-like teeth. “I guess I just wanted a change of pace.”

“Enough funny stuff, fish-breath! Do you have any idea where X has gone?”

“You know damn straight where he’s gone. He’s gone to find fresh water, in order to grow and army of indestructible men. And I’m the only one who can stop him. And you know it.”

“I know nothing! We’ll stop him ourselves.”

“Yeah, you did such a great job just now!”

“All right, Eel, maybe we’ll consider issuing you a twenty-four hour security pass to leave this compound. What would you need?”

“Seventy-two hours. And you’ve got to let me reassemble the team.”

“The team is either dead of diagnosed insane.”

Give me the living ones. Crazy or not.”

“Okay, Fish, you’ve got it. But if you blow this…”

“If I blow this, we’re all dead. Now get me my wetsuit.”

Next Episode: Showdown In The Desert!!!

–Dan Kilian

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