Oblivial Day

We honor the troops on Veteran’s Day, and this Monday, Memorial Day, we remember the dead.

I would like to propose another day to honor the troops. Oblivial Day.

Oblivial Day will be the day we forget unpleasant things so our troops won’t be in danger. We will forget why they might be exposed to danger in the first place. We will forget the men we tortured, and the extent to which such practices pervaded our military so that no one can feel bad about our military.

We will forget to prosecute criminals if their prosecution proves too controversial for the nation. It will be a get out of jail day, and the criminals will roam the streets, a parade oblivializing the law of the land. They will drink to forget, and we’ll have a big party. Many will not remember the events of the evening.

We will forget why one country is in a civil war, and why its neighbor hates us so much. We will forget our crimes in places whose locations we can’t place with leaders whose names we can’t pronounce. Until something really bad happens as a repercussion, and then of course, we shall never forget.

I think they already came up with a date for Oblivial Day, but I can’t remember when it is.

–Dan Kilian
Day After Earthday


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