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Six Song Selection: Radio Lives

Posted in All things music, Critique on May 16, 2009 by klogtheblog

The In Out “Deutschland”

The Apple doesn’t fall far from The Fall. A Rumbling Juggernaut of minimalist chugging and repeated phrases, allowing paranoid squeals free reign to roll around like thunderclouds as groaningly intoned mantras repeat. Spooky effect. Works. This was the first band I ever wrote a review for. I have totally lost track of them since. Sounds like they’ve cleaned up the sound a lot but have hardly gone pop.
Beyoncé “All the Single Ladies”  

Speaking of minimal, Beyoncé’s hits are getting simpler as they pile up, usually with great success. Maybe she should do a duet with Britt Daniel of the Spoon. This one consists of two squelches that sound like tubes of frosting being squeezed ‘til they burst. Miss Knowles sometimes gets a little bogged down on the middle eight, and here, as with “Survivor” she descends into self-actualizing mercantilism before rescuing things with a noir-ish warning that “like a ghost, I’ll be gone.” Then it’s back to the squirts and the next hit.

Roxy Music “Loving You (Is All I Can Do)”

I think the current listening population has consigned this band to Avalon. Discover them! What fun punk disco this is. What a hiccupy bleating yodeling singer! It could really irritate many, but get beyond that. Yes! Get beyond something that’s difficult and affected. Yes you should have to. Or just go on eating chicken mcnuggets and cheerios the rest of your life.

…Naw, skip that one. No, skip that one too…

Wilco “Company In My Back”

Yes Wilco’s got a new album coming out, so let’s consider this song from 2004. I’m always on the cusp of yesteryear. Rainy Sunday clearing up music. Harpsichord mandolin under a sneaky lifting melody. Sad and uplifting. Makes me want to lay down in the warm wet grass.

Nancy Sinatra “As Tears Go By”

Nancy with the laughing face’s Bossa Nova treatment of this minor Rolling Stones reveals melodic strengths to a tune I hadn’t really considered before. Perfect for a glum cabaret where they ignore the smoking ban after hours.

…not Sloan again…

The Rosebuds “Let Us Go”

This is the first time I’ve heard this song! I just downloaded it this afternoon. Heard “Shake Our Tree” on Wake Up on WKXP, and had to get the record Birds Make Good Neighbors. I think I like it! Radio lives!

Dan Kilian

Editor’s Note: Turns out Birds Make Good Neighbors was nothing to blog home about. That “Shake Our Tree” song is a keeper.

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