Micky Rourke as Godzilla

Okay Mothra, you want to talk about what we’re going to do?

Well, I’m thinking I fly at your head, like, sixteen times…

And I’ll just kind of bat you around. And maybe breathe fire on you…

And I’ll lay all prone, and then I’ll come back at you

Then I’ll throw a building or a mountain at you.

You ever do the cloud of poison gas?

What’s that like?

It’s pretty good effect, big cloud, you might get a little nauseous afterwards.

* * *

Godzilla Jr. I know I haven’t been there for you when you needed me. I’ve been a lousy Dad. But I’m all alone now. I just…I just don’t want you to hate me.

* * *

Come on Gamarra, just one beer! We’ll listen to some Def Lep, it’ll be great.

No, I don’t date clients.

I’m more than a client. We’re the same!

No! You think I’m a stripper, but I’m not! I’m a giant flying turtle!

* * *


Aw, look, you’re tearin’ up the cereal aisle! I never shoulda hired a giant monster in the first place! 

* * *

People said I’d never destroy Tokyo again! But they were wrong! I might just look like a guy in a rubber suit, but I’m still the baddest monster on the planet! And I can still TEAR DOWN TOKYO TOWER! I can still SMASH THE HANAZONO JINJA SHRINE! I can still BURN ASAKUSA SHRINE TO A CRISP! And it’s all for YOU!


* * *

Godzilla, are you all right? Godzilla?

–Dan Kilian

Godzilla’s Ghost

Kuo-toa, Assimilated:


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