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Last Trip To the Well

Posted in Fiction on April 22, 2009 by klogtheblog
He threw a penny into the well and he got his wish. So he threw a dollar in and he lost a dollar. So he threw another penny in and wished for his dollar back. He ended up with 98 cents because his wish was worthless.
His investors fled and layoff’s seemed inevitable. He set up a stand outside the well and began selling wishes. His customers made much more lucrative wishes than he did, and the currency inflated, and his money didn’t go far enough. He should have stuck with wishing for himself.Several children fell in the well and had to be rescued, or not. Eventually the bodies piled up so that pennies couldn’t make it all the way down and the wishes stopped working. Overwhelmed with lawsuits and debt, he dynamited the well and filled the hole in with concrete.
He built a Gazebo on the spot, but his workmanship was shoddy. When it rained, the Gazebo would puddle up on it’s east side, and it warped and grew ugly.

Sometimes he threw a penny into the puddle, but nothing.

–Dan Kilian
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