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A Premature Greatest Hits List

Posted in useless excuses on April 6, 2009 by klogtheblog

“Dan, I think the whole blog idea is great, but I really haven’t had time to read much of it. ”

Statements like these bring forth two divergent emotions in me. Understanding and loathing. Let’s stick with the understanding. I know you don’t have much time to read. So for the benefit of my friend Choz and all who don’t want to wade through the weird experiments, policy statements and other fun stuff you should be reading, Here’s a top ten of this blog, chosen without too much clarity and with much pain and ego. We blogged 100 blogs somewhere in March, so this is the top 9%. Please let us know what you think should have been included!

C is for Kooky

A parody of Sesame Street!

Advice for Obama

This is most of what we do here, political news opinion satire. It all dates pretty fast, but this is a good example of the stuff.

From Space to Destroy

My brother Steve lays out a lot of surreal alternate universe meditations on various things, many of them involving axes. This is his take on the ideal heavy metal band’s video.

The Ghost of Nixon and Obama: A Dialogue

I do a lot of dialogues. Here’s one.

Fab Facts about The Beatles Rock Band Game

I’m a Beatlelunatic. A lot of you out there.

The Critic Masturbates

I personally think this thing is great. I’d have put it at the top but I didn’t want to lead with masturbation, appropriate though it might be. This blog is a masturbator fantasizing about masturbation.

Top Trek: A Pan Fiction!

Again, specialized demographics. If you like Star Trek, and you like Top Chef, you’ll hate this!

My Oh My Obama

Very rarely a poem will appear. So far they’ve been pretty conceptual beyond just the beauty of true poetry, which no-one wants to read. Matt Casper waxed poetic after the Obama Election.

Kuo-toa, Assimilated:

Steve dorks out D&D style is this sad little piece. I did a nice little photo-collage.

Love On The Rocks

I dork out Neil Diamond Style in a sad little piece.

Let me know if I missed anything. I hope this represents K-log well. I’m a little too close to these things to really judge, but I can’t bring myself to demand that my friends tell me what’s great on the blogs, especially when they don’t have time to read it. I so loathe them!

If you read all ten of these and still don’t think there’s anything of worth, I’m afraid you’re going to have to read all of the rest of the 112 pieces in this blog, until you find something of worth.

Good luck.

Dan and the K-log gang