Regarding Practical Application of Set Theory

The others go on to the sweetness of Oblivia, that shoreless ocean that permits only the most ephemeral archipeligae of order (those scraps of matter the inhabitants of which call “the universe” on the odd occasion where they achieve sentience enough to understand their insignificance) before sucking them down into the swirling currents of utter chaos that play across its bottomless depths, depths that have long since forgotten the doomed forays of the Colonists — agents of reason in a realm of constant gibbering madness — who threatened the maelstrom with orthogonal walls and tidy separations of this from that and past from future and world from fiction and done from thought-of, and all those petty boundaries left far behind as the slug-whales of that bizarre sea droned out their bathyrhythmic ode to the impossible:

The song of empirical doubt:
that which is not
(Rendered in mathematical symbols as the set of all items not included in the set)
Barks fitfully in rage
At that which is
(Rendered in mathematical symbols as an arbitrary set, implying infinite variation)
And still we swim
….which has been remarked upon by researchers (those that didn’t die of the information-borne disease that afflicted the Third Library, now known as Scholera) as an example of the limitless potential for indifference on the part of the ur-predators for the thought-constructs of their prey (and of course the prey itself, although that distinction is subject to great debate among those who stoop to the conceptual sub-plateau of non-general role-types, i.e. identities – a group that is not graced with our membership), and as such a point frequently used as an excuse/rationale for their vicious treatment of captives, typically time-bound entities culled from the shoals of . . .

–Steve Kilian
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