Three Thoughts On St. Pat

So St. Patrick is leaning up against a wall, snapping his fingers. Bradley O’Shea walks by, and notices the snapping.

“Well top o’ th’ morning to ye St. Patrick! Tell me, what are ye doin’?”

“I’m keepin’ the snakes out o’ Ireland, I am!”

“But St. Patrick, there are no snakes in Ireland!”

“Ye see? It’s workin’!”


It seems ironic that we celebrate the man who strove to end paganism on the Emerald Isle with countless representations of leprechauns. I mean those guys are at least in league with Pan, if not Satan himself.
As a person of Polish/Irish heritage, I am legally allowed, nay obligated to post this joke as a celebration of the complete assimilation of our peoples into the mainstream. Note: It’s okay to make fun of Italians for being foolish and enjoying pasta, but implying they’re all gangsters is not cool. Black people just broke the ceiling, so most jokes are uncool, but one day we’ll all be oafs and buffoons together, and mock each other mercilessly.

Why did the Pollack and the Irishman get in a fight? They were drunk and stupid.

–Dan Kilian (It’s Polish!)

A Letter to the Catholic Laity

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