Soup Of The Day: Olivia Elton John

Another miserable week almost in the books as the Dow Industrial Average is now breaking below 6500 which puts it back in 1997 territory. The #1 song of that year was Candle In the Wind ’97 by Elton John. His tribute to Lady Di. I can only hope the Dow is not headed to it’s 1974 level when Elton originally released that awful song.

Let Me Up I’ve Had Enough, Ray

I don’t sweat the Dow. Means nothing. The only variable that matters is percent unemployed. We stand at 8% which is chump change. For real pain, check this chart.

Reagan holds the record – 10.8% in November 1982…and it stood above 10% for damn near a year. Those were tough times. I remember living under a bridge for a while, there. It took two years to get back down to today’s unemployed percentage. This is a cakewalk, so far.

And what song stood on top of the pops when Reagan was throwing everybody out of work?

“Physical” by Olivia Newton John.

Permission to retroactively kill myself, captain?

–Dave Soup Campbell and Ray Beyda both of the great American band, The Ks

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