Soup of the Day: Soup Clarifies His Positions

Q: Libertarians are crazy.

I’m not a libertarian, nor do I know any, nor do I agree with their precepts.

However, I am a fiscal conservative and that puts me at odds with about 99% of my fellow Americans who believe humans should live beyond their means and government should live beyond its means. “Walkin’ around with your head in the clouds, makes no sense at all.” Bob Mould, Husker Du. Pretty much tells the tale.

Of the 272 folks who ran for Prez last year, Ron Paul was the only one I noticed who actually talked about this problem and had good ideas about how to try to solve it. In the age of the internet, each Senator and Congressman could get by with a staff of about 5. Pensions across the board inside the Beltway should be whacked. The list of government spending cuts is pretty easy and definitely fair. His positions on abortion don’t concern me because nothing will change on that issue, ever. One man’s opinion.

I like Obama’s slogan about change and do believe he cares about others, like nobody I’ve seen in Casa Blanca since Jimmy from Georgia.

The housing bubble was overdue to burst by about 11 years. It came, it tried to correct itself, but then got real messy. At that point we should have nationalized all 3 big banks, like every other country on earth did this time around, and like FDR did in his day. That’s the way to free up lines of credit and make it possible for folks with household incomes of 52k to buy houses, cars, education, health, and golf at correct prices. The economy turns around. It’s an immutable law of physics.

On the war front, Obama should back out of Iraq immediately, close every US military base on earth, keep the fleet of aircraft carriers floating on the 7 seas – in modern times, that’s all you need for defense, plus you get the bonus of good-will disaster relief – and get Hillary to lay down the law in troubled spots. She’s a good one to have in that key post. I believe good results can come from such an approach, and I cannot count the government savings on this one. A Cray supercomputer could.

Obama has said he wants to make Afghanistan his Vietnam. I know that place like Kipling did in his day . No need to follow W’s Iraq.

I want to get bin Laden. It’s personal. Obama should use the James Bond approach: spies, then strike. We can do both, real good. And get MI5 and Mossad to join in the hunt. I believe good will come. Sanity will win. And good people will win, in the short run, if possible.

–Dave “Soup” Campbell

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