Gain Narrows

The Eagle descends with a clawful of grain and a clawful of arrows. The sacrifices of Cain. When God didn’t like the grain, Cain offered an arrow to his brother’s neck. No one had ever done anything like that before, so how could he know what would happen? Still a voice in his head knew all along. So he went off into the valley to grow grain.

Nuts, literally, to the hunter gatherers and their precious meat. We grow figs, the forbidden fruit. As we spill the seeds, a trash-heap turns into a garden, into a farm, into a city. We can already smell the sulfur. God always had it in for us. It was a garden; we just wanted more figs.
At some point the story changed to apples, and Cain, still alive and in the new promised land, wore a pot on his head to hide his mark. He walked west and legends grew.
Manifest destiny. As we drove the Indians on, and conquered the Mexicans the Eagle rose, and we planted apples. As we got to the Pacific, we started planting oranges.
The Eagle descends, a clawful of apples and a clawful of oranges. You can’t compare them.
–Dan Kilian
_______________________________________ Cthulhu
_______________________________________ Cookie Monster

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