Come On Let The Magic Happen

Magic, if I have ever needed you I need you now. Bring my volunteer’s card to the top of this deck. Don’t make a fool of me!

In the dystopian future, broken nano-tech will be the equivalent of spells. Wizards will be call IT and will call out strange mystic terms into the air. Sometimes, if the viruses haven’t been disabled the swarms of microscopic robots will issue forth to do the wizard’s bidding. Magical icons will be useful tools, just as the video games of today marry computer technology to crude lumps of plastic.
The wizard school of religion seized theological discussion during the Bush years, and a couple of hotheaded scientists agreed to play along by attacking religion as if it were magic. It is time to put away childish things. Let magic live where it belongs: in nano-tech.
Is THIS your card?
–Dan Kilian

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