Excerpt From a Conversation About Charlotte Rampling


A Rampling sounds like a type of scone. But Miss Rampling suggests a pretzel stick. Perhaps a cinnamin stick could be devised that could be called a “Rampling.” I bet it could be a hit.


One could imagine an elongated cinnamon scone (perhaps with brandy-plumped currants, hmm?), said elongation producing a higher crust-to-interior ratio. At first this idea did not appeal to me (I prefer the tender innards of scones to the crusty exterior), but then I considered the possibility of glazing the scone lightly with thinned honey or flavored and sweetened cream. “Yes, let’s,” I said to myself, and starting to think of various glazes that might go well on scones (although not all would be appropriate for a cinnamon scone): grand marnier and honey, lavender cream, maple cream, star anise caramel . . . the mind reels.

Anyway, the maple cream sounds like a good frosting for the cinnamon scone, so I propose that this take the name of Rampling.

For example:

“Oi! Toss us a sack full o’ them Ramplings, guvnor!”
“Oi! Give us two quid, then!”
“Oi oi!”
“Oi oi oi, oi oi. Oi oi oi; oi!”
“Oi! Oi oi, oi oi oi – oi oi oi – oi oi.”
“Quite droll!”

–Dan Kilian
–Steve Kilian


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