Founding Fathers Jeopardy

Some more Jeopardy questions about the founding fathers. You might not get all of these. Let me know if you need the answers.

They both famously died on July 4th, 1826.

He signed the Alien and Sedition acts.

He was our smallest President, and the first to wear trousers instead of breeches and was the “father of the constitution.”

He was the only founding father not to go to college, hated physical contact, grew marijuana and devoted his energies to having the government build canals.

He was so broke when he died that he sold his books to the government, starting the library of congress.

Gore Vidal fancied that Hamilton had said that he’d slept with his daughter, though the documented history involves a third party who said Hamilton had merely said “other things.”

He was tried for treason for attempting to steal Texas and have himself declared Emperor, though he was acquitted.

He invented a form of mimeograph and a new type of desk, among other things.

This President, consistently rated one of the worst, coined the term “Founding Fathers.”

Based on a Scottish term for cattle drovers, this word became the name of a British governmental movement which was adopted by Revolutionary patriots, and eventually became a major political party.


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