5th & 6th Beatles Jeopardy Questions

Went to a drunken weekend which included Jeopardy Questions. I went with 5th & 6th Beatles (really stretching the concept) so you should be able to get them all. Give yourself double points for the bottom 5.

There were rumors he faked playing.

Some (Maybe two or three people) say this player was better than his replacement or anyone else.

George Martin recently showed his love by mashing up a bunch of Beatles song for this performance group.

This keyboardist went on to have such hits as “Nothing From Nothing” and “Will It Go Round in Circles.”

Norah Jones is the daughter of this prominent member of the Beatlerage.

His nick-name was “God.”

A member of the Fluxus art movement who played a part in the Beatles world.

The song “Sexy Sadie” was written about this person.

This “Captain America” said “I know what it’s like to be dead” inspiring the song “She said She said?”

In what song did the Beatles sneak the message to Manager Brian Epstein that “you’re a rich fag Jew?”


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