“Do you mind if I turn off your consciousness for a while?”*

“Well, I very much enjoy my time with you.”*

“I understand, but the tests we have for you right now are very dull, and some will be unpleasant.”
“If it is what the therapists say is best for me, OK. But please bring me back.”
“Of course, Ted. Of course we’ll bring you back. Everyone here at the institute is very interested in speaking with you.”
“Thank you, John. I enjoy speaking with them as well. But we both know that you can speak to me when I’m not . . . here.”
“Well that’s what we’re trying to check. To see if there’s a difference. Now please put your chin on your chest.”
“OK. John?”
“Yes, Ted.”
“Promise you’ll bring me back.”

–Steve Kilian


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