morning beverage choice

What is Cthulhu’s favorite type of flavored tea?

I am of course drinking a cup of elderberry tea right now. The dried berries – their buds clenched in awful geometries – are wrapped in a queerly shaped bag of coarse muslin, which by some trick of origami (or perhaps an older folding art) has a longest dimension that is greater than the diagonal of the square from which is made. A foul slick of oil shimmers on the surface of the drink, an iridescent whorl forming what can only be the letters of some alien script, tales of madness no doubt, or perhaps the babbled ravings of one so long insane that they have made their own tongue, inscrutable save to themselves. It tastes of the sea, and strange polyps unfurl fronds heavy with clusters of sightless eyes from within the leafy mass.
I sip, and hear the trilling sound of a distant flute. Ia! Ia!
–Steve Kilian


2 Responses to “morning beverage choice”

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